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By Time - Pay for the Time You Use

By Time - Pay for the Time You Use

  • Choose this option if you have a 'to do' list made up of one or a number of small jobs.
  • We'll send you one multi-trade handyman who can take care of all of the jobs on your list.
  • Our 'by time' rates are: £50+VAT for the first half-hour and £30+VAT for any half-hour thereafter.
  • We do also offer a Saturday service at our same weekday rates!
  • GasSafe, Boiler & Heating Repairs are charged at £90+VAT per hour
  • Specialist Electrical work is charged at £75+VAT per hour
  • Read what our customers had to say about our service recently:  Customer Feedback

Fixed Price - “Peace of Mind” Fixed Labour Price

Fixed Price - “Peace of Mind” Fixed Labour Price

Plumbing Prices
Reseal Bath or Shower Tray £100 + VAT
Saniflo Macerator Service £115 + VAT
Unblock Toilet £75 + VAT
Unblock Sink or Basin £90 + VAT
Unblock a Urinal £100 + VAT
Sash Window Repairs
Draught Proofing a Sash Window Survey First (£35+vat)
Replace one inner sash cord £88 + VAT
Replace one outer sash cord £108 + VAT
Replace both inner sash cords £125 + VAT
Replace both outer sash cords £150 + VAT
Replace all four sash cords £175 + VAT

Survey and Quote Visit

Survey and Quote Visit

Choose this option for larger more complex jobs where the handyman needs to see exactly what work is involved and what materials or equipment are needed.

  1. The survey visit will allow us to inspect what work needs doing and produce a quote for you.
  2. This visit costs £35+VAT.
    Should the total value of the work be over £500 we will deduct the survey fee off the final invoice for the work.
  3. You'll need to pay £35+VAT directly to the handyman at the end of the survey visit. The Handyman will then issue you with a quote for the whole job.
  4. The survey is booked as a half-hour slot and the Handyman will usually have to return on a separate day to actually undertake the work. However it may sometimes be possible to complete the work on the same visit.

Please allow up to 5 working days for us to produce the quote. Which will be sent to you via email.

Meet the Saints

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Five great reasons to book a Silver Saint.

  1. Same or next day bookings available
  2. All work is guaranteed and insured
  3. Specific and agreed times of arrival
  4. Silver service from booking to billing
  5. Experienced and dynamic handymen

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