Meet The Saints

Our handymen come from a wide range of both professional and trade backgrounds.

Click on an image below to find out more about any Saint or to read customer feedback relating to a particular handyman.

Martin (1).jpg Martin
Engin (1).jpg Engin
Luke_GasSafe Luke
Stan (1).jpg Stan
cutout_2.jpg Graham
Patrik (5).jpg Patrik
Jeremy GasSafe Jeremy
Mick (5).jpg Mick
Dave (8).jpg Dave
Lukas (2).jpg Lukas
Matt (1).jpg Matthew Austin
Paolo (1).jpg Paolo
Stefan (1).jpg Stefan
Ray (1).jpg Raymond
Alex Niceic Alex
Andy_Gas Safe 1 Andy
Tom (1).jpg Tom
Danny NICEIC Danny
Ian (1).jpg Ian
Dom_GasSafe Dom
Eddy (1).jpg Eddie
Donato (5).jpg Donato
Galpin.jpg Jerry
Jarek (2).jpg Jarek
005_SilverSaints_September2016.jpg John
060_SilverSaints_September2016.jpg Jason
068_SilverSaints_September2016.jpg Allan
050_SilverSaints_September2016.jpg Leon
036_SilverSaints_September2016.jpg Nicholas
171_SilverSaints_September2016.jpg_Gas.jpg (2) Liam
019_SilverSaints_September2016.jpg Deon

Our Services

Five great reasons to book a Silver Saint.

  1. Same or next day bookings available
  2. All work is guaranteed and insured
  3. Specific and agreed times of arrival
  4. Silver service from booking to billing
  5. Experienced and dynamic handymen