Silver Saints has helped thousands of customers and completed tens of thousands of jobs. Here are a list of the most frequent questions we get asked. If you need any further help, our friendly and experienced operations team are more than happy to help.

Who are Silver Saints?

Silver Saints opened for business on 1 May 2008. Since then we have completed over 100 thousand jobs and serviced over 40 thousand customers. We are best described as a team of multi-skilled, experienced and reliable Handymen who travel around London on motorcycles undertaking plumbing, electrics, fixing, fitting, assembling and hanging jobs. In fact our team of Saints are the most experienced multi-trade handymen in London.

How do you charge?

The majority of our jobs are charged 'by time' at a rate of £50+VAT for the first half-hour and £25+VAT for any half-hour thereafter. We also offer fixed prices for some common household repairs. If you have a large more complex job it is often best to book us in for a survey visit, which costs £35+VAT, following this visit we will issue you with a fixed price for the work.

GasSafe, heating and boiler repairs are charged at £90+VAT per hour.

Specialist electrical installations and testing is charged at £75+vat per hour.

What areas do you cover?

We normally cover all the inner London postcodes. Occasionally we can cover one of the adjacent outer London codes. As a rule of thumb our coverage area is Zone1-4 of the London Underground Map. If in doubt, please ring to ask as if you are within the M25 the chances are we can help you.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Our usual lead time is 'next day'. Although we can often get a handyman to you on the same day. So if you have an urgent job. Give us a call! We will do our utmost to help you as soon as possible.

How can I book a Handyman?

You can book over the phone, via email or online. Our online booking has recently been improved to make it very user friendly. We encourage online bookings because it makes our business more efficient. Efficiency means we can keep charges down and continue to make our Handymen the best paid in the business. All online bookings are reviewed and if we need to clarify any points, we will give you a call.

Do you charge more for Plumbing & Electrical work?

We are aware that some of our competitors charge a lot more for plumbing and electrical work. At Silver Saints, we have the same competitive rate for non specialist electrical and plumbing tasks. We charge £90+VAT per hour for Gas, Boiler and Heating repairs and £75+VAT per hour for specialist electrical installations, inspections and testing.

Do you always charge by time?

No. If you have a list of small jobs to be done, it is usually best to charge by time, but for certain common jobs, such as resealing a bath or draught-proofing sash windows, we have fixed prices. We also offer fixed prices for all longer jobs, usually following a survey visit which costs just £35+vat. Longer and more complex jobs often have an element of the unknown in them and many customers are concerned that a problematic job, charged by time, might exceed their budget. With fixed prices the risk of unforeseen charges is spread between Silver Saints and all its customers, offering certainty for all. With Silver Saints a fixed price is just that. We never come back and ask for more money.

Do you offer free quotes?

If you discuss extra work with our Handyman during his visit, he will be happy to prepare a fixed price quote for the work at no additional charge. If you ask for a visit specifically to discuss a project you have in mind, we charge just £35+vat. For this you get an in depth consultation with our Handyman, followed by a written quotation for the project within 5 working days. Our customers usually consider this visit to be excellent value for money. Please be aware that there is no such thing as a “free estimate”. All businesses have to cover their costs and the price you are quoted will cover the costs of “free” estimates. At Silver Saints, we prefer to have a transparent and fair charging policy.

Is your work guaranteed?

All our work is guaranteed against faulty workmanship. If something is not right, we will return to fix it free of charge. If we supply parts, both parts and labour to fit them are guaranteed for twelve months.

Do I need to wait in all day?

No, we offer specific times of arrival. The handyman will arrive within 30 minutes of this time. If the handyman is running behind schedule on the day, we will always contact you in good time to let you know when he can be expected.

Do you supply the parts?

All our handymen travel around London on motorcycles so they are limited to the amount and size of material they can carry. If you need any parts or materials for your job, the handyman will arrive, drop off his tools, see what is needed and nip out to the nearest merchant to pick up the bits. If the part is very specific and cannot be sourced locally we may need to order it and return on a follow up visit to fit it. Our team of Saints are experts in sourcing hard to find parts and materials.

If you supply the parts is there a mark up?

Yes, we add 35% to our cost for any parts we supply. In return, we offer a twelve month guarantee for labour and parts on any materials supplied by us. Our invoice serves as your proof of purchase of the labour and materials supplied by Silver Saints Ltd.

Is there anything you don't do?

Very little. We don't work on gas appliances, for example. We can tackle virtually any maintenance issue in the home or office. If you call our operations team, they can advise.

Do you charge for “shopping” time?

Our Handymen carry a range of small, commonly used materials so it is not often that we need to go shopping. If we do and we can source materials locally, we charge at our normal rates, but we cap the charges for shopping at 45mins. We will only charge for more than 45mins by prior agreement if for example, we need to get a long list of materials from two or more locations. The time spent shopping for your job is chargeable even if we do it before we arrive onsite, so it is almost always best for the Saint to arrive, see for himself what is needed and then pop out to buy the right part(s) - rather than risk getting the wrong part from a description or photo sent prior to arrival onsite.

Do I have to supply tools and materials?

All our handymen travel with a range of tools and materials to cover all the most common jobs. If special materials are needed, you can supply them, our Handyman can source them locally, or for difficult to locate items, we can order them specially to be fitted on a later visit.

If I cancel a booking, is there a charge?

We understand that our customers sometimes have to cancel a booking. We do not charge for cancelled bookings.

Do your Handymen have a uniform and carry ID?

We always tell you the name of your Handyman at the time of booking. He will arrive on time and be briefed on the work you have asked us to do. We think that adds up to the best kind of ID. We prefer a light touch with uniform. Our Handymen wear a simple grey polo shirt with a small logo. Otherwise, they are free to dress as they think best for the work they do.

Do you offer a 24hour service?

No, we offer appointments between 08:00-17:00 on weekdays. We also offer a Saturday service, which is charged at a the same-rate. Our office is open to answer telephone enquiries on weekdays between 08:00-18:00. Email enquires are often replied to out of hours and online bookings can be made 24 hours a day.

Are you insured against damage to my property?

We have public liability insurance cover of £2 million.

Is Silver Saints recruiting?

Almost certainly yes. We have been growing continuously since we started and most of the time we are recruiting or are about to recruit. We are looking for resourceful, self-reliant handymen (or women). Excellent communication skills are required as well as a broad range of skills and a desire continuously to develop your range of work. All our handymen are self employed so there is plenty of scope for flexible working and of course you choose and supply the tools and mode of transport you prefer. We are looking for the best handymen around and we pay well. All our handymen earn more than £30,000pa and the hardest working, considerably more.

Do you charge for parking?

If you are unable to provide visitor's parking and we do need to pay for parking then the cost of the parking for the duration of the visit is added to our charges. Please let us know before the visit if you can provide free parking.

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