Landlord Products

Silver Saint's has developed a maintenance product specifically designed, but not exclusively for, landlords who have rental properties in London but who live 'out of town' or abroad themselves.

Simply send us a spare set of keys and we will look after them and all your property maintenance needs.

Landlord's Service includes:

  • Free key holding service
  • No commission or management fees
  • 24/7 Online booking system
  • We will liaise directly with tenants if needed
  • Between tenancy and periodic maintenance checks
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Pre-approved cost limit for small maintenance tasks.
  • Onsite instant quote for work that slightly exceeds pre-approved limit
  • Written/email quote for larger work
  • Easy 'long distance' communication via email directly to our operations team
  • Silver Service from Booking to Billing

Learn more:

Landlord PDF download

Prices Cost
Secure key holding service FREE
First half-hour of labour £40 + VAT
Every half-hour of labour thereafter £25 + VAT
Reactive Maintenance - 'by time' pre approved limit of £150 per visit
Larger work - quote basis following survey visit £35 + VAT
Mouse Proofing of Kitchen £279 + VAT
Gas Safety Certificate £95 + VAT
Boiler Service

£95 + VAT

Gas Safety & Boiler Service

£180 + VAT

Give us a call or use our 'Live Calendar' to book a handyman online and let us concentrate on giving you the Silver Service you deserve.
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Our Services

Five great reasons to book a Silver Saint.

  1. Same or next day bookings available
  2. All work is guaranteed and insured
  3. Specific and agreed times of arrival
  4. Silver service from booking to billing
  5. Experienced and dynamic handymen