Saniflo Macerator Repairs

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Silver Saints are specialists in Saniflo and macerator repairs and fitting. If we can't repair your faulty unit we won't charge you for the visit.

Saniflos and other macerator pumps offer a simple and effective way of dealing with waste and waste water. Given the nature of the job they are doing on a day to day basis they are susceptible to faults and blockages from time to time.

If you have a faulty, jammed or noisey Saniflo, Silver Saints can certainly help.

We offer fast response times and are able to undertake your repair quickly, reducing the inconvenience of an 'out of order' lavatory/shower/basin or bath.

We cover all London postcodes.

Our Saniflo repair service includes:

  • Quick response times - usually same day.
  • Exact times of arrival.
  • Silver Service from Booking to Billing.
  • Fixed price of £87.50+VAT for a Saniflo repair.
  • No repair, no charge!
  • Quotes for replacement units if required

How Much?

We charge a fixed price of £87.50+VAT for a standard Saniflo repair.

Any replacement parts fitted or descalers used will be charged in addition to the £87.50+VAT labour charge.

If we find that the existing unit is beyond economical repair. we will not charge you for the initial service visit. We will instead provide you with a fixed price quotation for the supply and fitting of a replacement macerator unit, for fitting on a follow up visit.

How Long?

8 out of 10 faulty units we attend to are repairable within 2 hours.

To book a Silver Saint to repair a faulty macerator:

Use our 'Live Calendar' to Book a London Saniflo Service Online


Call: 0207 0999 199

Our standard repair service includes:

  • Curing noisy units
  • Freeing jammed motors
  • Clearing local blockages
  • Minor electrical faults
  • Leaking or overflowing units or connections

What Causes Saniflo Faults?

There are three main causes of almost all Saniflo faults:

1.)    Installation

Saniflo's installation rules are clear and frankly easy to follow. No professional installer should have any excuse why not to follow the installation recommendations to the letter. However break one or more of Saniflo's  installation rules and you are limiting the life of your Saniflo unit, risking frequent blockages and voiding the warranty.

2.)    Use

Saniflos can deal with human waste and basic toilet roll.

They cannot process make up wipes, toilet wipes, luxury fibre based toilet paper, sanitary pads, tampons, cotton wool or cotton buds. Flushing any of these items down the toilet will block, jam or damage the Saniflo macerator. Repairs needed due to flushing items you shouldn't are not covered by the Saniflo warranty and accounts for 80% of all Saniflo faults.

Policing the correct usage of the macerator is more difficult. Often macerators are fitted in guest bedrooms or cloakrooms. Informing every person or guest on its proper use can be an impossible task, especially in rental properties where the tenants have no real incentive to look after your plumbing installations. Chances are that every so often an unauthorised object will get flushed down the loo. As soon as the Saniflo starts to make a loud grinding noise, turn the power off at the wall and arrange for a Saniflo rescue service to remove the jam from the unit.

3.)    Maintenance

In hard water areas, like London, lime-scale eventually coats the inside of every plumbing appliance and facility, just look at the inside of your kettle for evidence of this. Unless internal limescale build up is dealt with it will eventually result in the failure of the macerator.

The answer is at hand in the form of Saniflo's own Saniscale a quarterly dose of Saniscale will keep the internal parts of your Saniflo lime-scale free for perfect functioning....until someone flushes a toy soldier of course!

If you need a saniflo repaired. Silver Saints can help. Simply use our 'Live' calendar to

Book a Saniflo Repair online.