Repair, Replace or Install Extractor Fans

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Silver Saints is London's premier handyman service. We employ a team of multi-skilled and experienced handymen.

All our handymen are experts in all electrical repairs.

Repairing or replacing faulty bathroom or kitchen extractor fans is just one of the electrical repairs Silver Saints can undertake. So whether your current extractor fan is completely dead or just noisy and temperamental, we can help.

We guarantee that all work is carried out to a High Professional Standard which is accompanied by our 'Silver Service Promise' which all means that you won't find a better company than Silver Saints to repair, replace or install an extractor fan.

We charge 'by time' to fit or repair extractor fans, £40+VAT for the first half-hour and £22.50+VAT for any half-hour thereafter.

Our Silver Service from Booking to Billing promise includes:

  • Hassle free extractor fan repairs or replacement
  • Same Day or Next Day bookings available
  • Exact times of arrival
  • All our work is guaranteed and insured
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and professional service

To book a Silver Saint to repair or replace a faulty extractor fan:

Use our 'Live Calendar' to BOOK ONLINE

Call: 0207 0999 199

email: fixit@silversaints.co.uk

How Much?

We charge 'by time' to fit or repair an extractor fan, £40+VAT for the first half-hour and £22.50+VAT for any half-hour thereafter.

The handyman will give you an indication within the first half-hour on how long the repair will take.

How Long?

Expect the repair to take 60-90 minutes.

What Else?

Don't currently have an extractor fan but would like one installed - We can help.

We would need to undertake a 'Survey & Estimate' visit in order to inspect the work and issue you for a quote for the installation. This survey visit will cost £35+VAT